Episode 115 - War, Part III: Battle of the Ashway

The Bursting of the Clouds

Game Date: Sangor 93, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: The Ashway
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

The predawn light colors the idyllic forest midnight blue. Torrential rain pours from the angry sky. Slogging through the slurry of soot and cinder and slime, the True Arkhosian Front marches deeper and deeper down the Ashway and into Nypacia, marches down the warpath. Only one force, a small collection of half-orc savages, stands opposed to them.

Suddenly, a twig snaps the forest. The Arkhosian legions come to a sudden halt. Something else is watching. Something else has surrounded them.

With a cry, The Boozy Battalion breaks cover to the north and south of the Ashway, charging recklessly into battle. On their heels, comes the entire strength of The Nameless Army – screaming goliath barbarians, canny mercenary companies and elusive eladrin wizards. The Arkhosians, never one to shy from a fight, turn and meet their foes head-on. The battle lines crash and the Battle of the Ashway is begun.

In the opening stages, the goliaths of the Mizkwinashange deal the most damage to the foe, smashing heavily into their lines with all the force of five thousand battering rams. The Haggard Host plays coy, only committing a portion of its forces and feinting with many false defeats and half-retreats. War wizards of the Tepemkau Regency obliterate lines of the enemy defenders with exploding fireballs and bolts of streaking lightning. It’s the Dogs of Salarza, positioned as the bait, that receive the brunt of the Arkhosian’s power, both cavalry charges meeting at high speed.

The first Arkhosian host is utterly shattered, partially surrounded and dotted with tragic last stands. From behind come the rank upon rank of warforged, moving to fill in the gaps the Arkhosians leave, emotionless machines of death. The fighting becomes bitterest here, as The Nameless Army begins to appreciate the tremendous odds stacked against them. Through superior tactics – and the strong advantage of their bottleneck, they manage to decimate the combined two hosts of Arkhosian and warforged before the second Arkhosian host, breaking into two formations and charging at goliath and mercenary respectively, come galloping to relieve them.

All throughout the battle, The Nameless Company cheers and chides, boosting the morale of their allies while breaking the spirit of their enemies. By the time the second Arkhosian host arrives to the killing fields, their will to fight is all but vanquished and the horn of retreat is sounded.

It’s at this time that “Princess Mexa” emerge, waving the Standard of Eternal Battle gloriously back and forth. With the aid of the heroes, she manages to sway two thousand Arkhosian loyalists to the fledgling Queen’s side and together, they drive the foes further back. Victories come in waves, however, when the second host of warforged freeze in their tracks, victims to Zanna’s well-placed strike team of Blue Banners.

When Alpharazon the Younger descends to cover the escape of the routed Arkhosian host, The Nameless Army knows they’ve won the day. In the mad scramble to escape, Chogaruk is nearly slain, lost amid the jumble of retreating goliaths and battle-crazed Arkhosians. Luckily, it’s Vaca who pulls him from the carnage and carries him to safety.

When the smoke clears midmorning, nearly thirty-five thousand fighters lie dead, the vast majority of them Arkhosian and warforged. Regrouping to lick their wounds and count their death, The Nameless Company is overjoyed at the stunning victory they’ve won and always cognizant of the much larger numbers arrayed so fiercely against them.



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