Episode 1 - The Sunset Ship

Defending Belltower From An Unknown Assailant

Campaign Date: Zahal 6, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Belltower
Player Characters Present: Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Fate finds four adventurers – a goliath savage, an elven wanderer, a shifter mercenary and a gnomish girl – enjoying a cool spring evening on the docks of Belltower in 338 F.I. Drawn to the city for their own personal reasons, each member of the would-be party quite unexpectedly finds themselves, at the exact moment of the sunset, under attack by a party of uncloaked, unusual elven assailants.

Of white hair, dark complexion and unknown motive, these sudden marauders ruthlessly cut down whomever and whatever stands in their way, be they lowly peasant or mighty adventurer. A hasty battle bond is formed, championed by Zanna, and the four companions, in due time, defeat the four elves, though with many questions on their minds.

They haven’t much time to contemplate their victory, however, before another party of the dusk elves, piloting a small boat, harries them with ranged weapons. Chogaruk, mighty barbarian, is plunged into the river when the stone bridge beneath him is sundered by the mage’s purple fireball, but the indefatigable juggernaut swims after his attackers all the same. The remaining three heroes manage to commandeer a small craft of their own and, with Vaca expertly rowing their boat out to match dingy for dingy, the wizard and his entourage of archers are roundly defeated.

‘Twas only then that, floating in Belltower’s amble harbor, that the impromptu party catches sight of its true enemy – a massive pirate ship, anchored some distance offshore. Of equally bewildering design, complete with triangular sails, pink hardwood and curious lettering playing across the sails, the dhow fires shot after shot from a pair of enormous enchanted ballistae, purple fire streaking from their bolts and destroying hapless buildings, with seemingly no provocation.

A bounty hunter of some repute, Cutter recognizes the ship as his mark – an elusive pirate ship plaguing southeastern Eregia, whose corsair captain is worth a sizable reward to the right people. A bargain struck, the heroes agree to split the bounty four ways should they apprehend said captain and pilot their tiny boat towards the waiting pirate ship.

With Cutter firing brutal bolt after brutal bolt to clean off the ballista firing crews, the four adventurers board the mysterious ship, do furious battle against the ship’s crew . After several rounds of combat, however, an equally mysterious dusk elven woman emerges from the captain’s cabin, utters an unknown command in their foreign, unrecognizable tongue and, quite without warning, the ship and its crew literally vanish out from beneath the party’s feet.

Plunging into the churning surf where once floated a pirate ship, the baffled companions are left to wonder what precisely happened as they watch the sun sink its last inch beneath the horizon.



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