Episode 107 - Storming the Portico

Old Enemies Battled Once More

Game Date: Sangor 9-22, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Abbey of All Monsters
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

After concluding some personal matters – recussitating Culas, visiting Txomin in Gullion, completing the final ritual to transform into a lich and celebrating Vaca’s 30th birthday – The Nameless Company departed the Abbey of All Monsters aboard Lyvythar, the Penitent Dragon and headed towards Maz Qyne and beyond that – Palune.

After eight days of travel beneath the waves, during which Chogaruk’s 26th birthday was celebrated, they arrived at Maz Qyne, circumventing the Three Seas blockade. After Sister Pencara cast seabed stride on the heroes, they were able to climb up the side of the newly-built parapet that House Topaz has erected across the arms of the First Giant statue.

The posted warforged sentries and dwarven ballistae crews were taken completely by surprise and battle was immediately joined. Pushed and shoved off the First Giant’s narrow arms, several enemies and even some members of The Nameless Company fell to the water below. Eventually, one ballista was smashed and the other was commandeered. When a tenuous victory was achieved, the heroes were surprised to discover a squad of brainless cyclops, made into thralls by Vencel, Loremaster of House Topaz, come marching towards a quick death at the hands of a commandeered ballista.


Rushing inside the island, they confronted the remaining dwarven technicians, with boarding crews from Three Seas on their heels. A brief and bloody negotiation resulted in their being teleported into House Topaz’s base camp on the moon and, as they stood upon the platform and were whisked away, they’ve no idea where, on the Purple Moon, they might appear.



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