Episode 111 - The Clouds Gather

Allies Accumulate

Game Date: Sangor 36 – 64, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Zalkabad
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Leviathan, Zanna

In the Secret Palace of Calipha Innocence of Nypacia, The Nameless Company meet the young gnomish ruler and negotiate terms with her peaceful people. In exchange for protecting their territory against the True Arkhosian incursion, the gnomes of Nypacia promise to provide safe shelter, hidden campsites and food and lodging for their soldiers. During this conference, the Calipha’s body is commandeered by the powerful magic of a vengeful Tepemkau Nebet and, under duress, the adventurers warp away to meet him.

In a dank torture chamber, the archlich – revealed in his true decaying form – painfully extracts information from the company, going even so far as to “kill” Zencaré and send his physical form back to its phylactery. After revealing the location of Collar, what information they learnt from his magical tome and the fate of Nakhiti Sati, they were eventually transferred to his palatial extradimensional manor and there discussed terms of a potential alliance. In exchange for the Feywild as his sovereign territory, Tepemaku Nebet agreed to ally his thirty thousand soldiers to their cause, stipulating that they would not leave the confines of his Regency.

Beneath The Cowardly Gnome tavern in Anaz Yard, the Nameless Company next met with the exiled Princess Mexa and her two thousand supporters among the commoners. After a brief spat about who should wield the Standard of Eternal Battle, the righteous Princess agreed to their terms, on the condition that she be allowed to curry support and favor from the Arkhosian ranks via the use of the Standard, much to Zanna’s reluctant agreement.

In Lazadromûs, the aid of Culas, Hero of House Topaz, allowed them to gain the services of five thousand House Amethyst clerics. Outside Eudox, a ribald carouse with Commander Nelma resulted in the Boozy Battalion sending their two thousand soldiers. In the burning ruins of the village of Earthenhold, the Dogs of Salarza were recruited, on the condition they be allowed to pillage and loot the spoils of any enemy they slew.

With these allies secured, The Nameless Company prepares to convene their council of war.



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