Episode 113 - War, Part I: The Palace Job

Thieves in the Night

Game Date: Sangor 90-91, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Zalkabad
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

As night falls on Sangor 90, The Nameless Company warps into an unsuspecting eladrin home within the occupied city of Iar Adri. The mistress of the house, Althoren Qakaré, is surprised to discover her maimed and undead son, Zencaré, appearing suddenly on her veranda. There’s no time for reunions, however, as the son warns the mother of the impending collapse of the Palace Airborne and the devastation that’s about to be wrought upon Iar Adri.

Mounted aboard their phantom steeds, The Nameless Company takes to the skies, their approach to the flying castle obscured by a light snowfall. Thy evade the notice of the skyships encircling the Palace. They even evade the predatory circles of Alpharazon the Younger. Alighting atop the Dignitary’s Tower, ill luck gives away their position to the sleeping Asborolkash the Elder and, with the furious red dragon hot on their heels, they’re forced to flee into the Palace.

As the Wyrmling Princes destroy the tower around them. The Nameless Company, led by the Sworn Guard, penetrate Ûbolya’s suite of rooms and quickly locate her. They dispatch, with haste, her bevy of warforged bodyguards, only to have the breathless Craftmistress escape down a surprise chute she’s constructed through the bones of the Palace. Leaping after her, The Nameless Company chases Ûbolya through the complex of twisting tunnels, until they’re all – rather conveniently, it must be said – deposited within the castle’s gearworks.

As the great gear of the Nameless Empire spins to keep them all afloat, The Nameless Company makes quick work of the chamber’s dozen warforged bodyguards and manages to apprehend Ûbolya. With a powerful expenditure of his arcane magic, Zencaré deactivates the gear and, blessed by his mass fly spell, they race from the collapsing palace and into the snowy sky beyond.

Only to come face to face with Asborolkash the Elder.

As Metarkh Ptolomos is ferried to safety on the back of Alpharazon the Younger, The Nameless Company flees, at top flight speed, over the rooftops and spires of Iar Adri, a firebreathing dragon on their heels. They dive deeper, attempting to lose themselves among the city’s tangle when, out of nowhere, a golden streaking missile – Shokedo, the Sworn Wyrm and his rider, King Mycrete IV, both armored for war – strikes Asborolkash, long enough to allow the heroes to escape.

Hiding among the rooftops of the city, they watch the King’s last stand as both red dragons emerge to rip and tear the silver dragon and the twelfth King of Arkhosia torn to pieces. As the dragons fan out and search the city, The Nameless Company casts their ritual of escape and flees back to Zalkabad, leaving abject destruction and incredible loss of life in their wake.



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