Episode 114 - War, Part II: Parlay

Words Are Wind

Game Date: Sangor 91-93, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Zalkabad
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Retiring to the extradimensional manor with their bound captive, The Nameless Company endured a long and grueling several hours of interrogation of Ûbolya, Craftmistress of House Topaz. They learned much – how the warforged are controlled by squads of artificers in deep meditation beneath the Ramparts, where the extra 50,000 soldiers were stationed, that Ûbolya was the true mastermind behind Ptolomos rise to power – before, in their eagerness, they pressed the dwarven woman too hard and she passed out.

While they awaited her recovery,Princess Mexa received word from the Kyra Drathox, the secretive Crownkeepers, summoning her away to Sozinex to be crowned Queen of All Arkhosia. After an internal debate, she decides to heed the summons and leave the battlefield. In her stead, The Nameless Company devise a scheme to disguise a Haggard Host mercenary who bears a passing resemblance to the Princess, as Mexa and use her to rally the troops.

Before long, however, The Nameless Company receives a sending from Metarkh Ptolomos, imploring them to come and exchange hostages at the Hippogriff Alehouse in Belltower. Hastening with all speed, the adventurers arrive to discover Asborolkash circling the town and Ptolomos and Aiqor waiting patiently outside the Alehouse. In exchange for Ûbolya’s life, Ptolomos offers to spare the orphanage and the college from destruction. Reluctantly, the heroes agree before receiving frantic word from the front lines – the Arkhosians are attacking!

Back in Nypacia, Alpharazon has burnt a fifteen-mile stretch of gnomish forest to cinders, creating a perfect pathway for the dragonborn and warforged armies to march down. Marshaling their soldiers with all speed, they move to encircle and blunt the advance of the army. Meanwhile, two dragoons of Blue Banners are dispatched, to hopefully deal with the artificers of the second and third battalions of warforged, hoping to cut the enemy numbers in half.

As the battle lines are drawn, The Nameless Company prepares to lead their men into the fray against overwhelming odds.



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