Episode 116 - War, Part IV: Siege of Three Towers

Outnumbered and Overwhelmed

Game Date: Sangor 96, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Caliphate of Nypacia
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

The battered but victorious Nameless Army comes trooping back to their camps and cookfires, thirty thousand dead behind them on the bloody field of the [[Ep. 115 – War, Part III: Battle of the Ashway | Battle of the Ashway]]. Several joyous days are spent carousing and celebrating, tinged with a mournful note for all those who gave their lives in defense of the realm of Nypacia. At their next war council, Alazne promises, on behalf of the Calipha, that no attempt shall be made to resow the Ashway, that it will stand as memorial for all those who gave their lives.

More news comes flooding in when the war leaders assemble for council. Mexa returns to them, not as a Princess, but as the 13th Queen of All Arkhosia, with a black steel crown upon her head. She has publically denounced Ptolomos as a traitor and waits only for word of her condemnation to ripple through the nation and the tide of public opinion to turn against them.

Tepemkau Nebet, however, delivers less pleasing news. A force of 50,000 Truarkhs and warforged have assailed his poorly-defended southern borders. He asks The Nameless Company for aid, to lead the defense while he marshals his own troops. In exchange, he offers to browbeat the loyalty of the Isetnofret Regency into aiding the Nameless Army.

The valiant heroes rush away southward, to the relief of the embattled eladrin, but inherit a situation stacked hopelessly against them. Thousands of warforged, with Truarkh strike teams and great engines of war, assail the three understaffed towers, Ijo Ias, Ijo Mal and Ijo Dhe. With too few men and spread too thin, The Nameless Company is unable to prevent the landing of three great firebreathing siege towers. Nor are they able to avert the destruction of Ijo Ias’s precious crystal, maintaining the impenetrable wall of force that keeps the majority of the Truarkh host at bay.


Just when the situation seems more dire, who should come striding out of the main siege tower but Aiqor, their hated and undefeated foe.



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