Episode 19 - Ships of Sea and Sky

The Company Named, A Member Lost

Game Date: Zahal 51, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Iomeraz
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Cutter, Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

With the remainder of Vencel’s chambers to explored, the Nameless Company enter his locked library and make the acquaintance of a captive vrock, a demon of the Abyss, bound by one of Vencel’s arcane rituals. After a tense parlay, they convince the demon to share its name, Dzerrothtius, in exchange for its freedom, under the agreement that the creature would only be summoned again to serve in their machinations against Vencel. The adjacent chamber occupied with little more than untouched furnishings, as well as jars upon jars, all filled with yetai brains, our heroes resolve to slay the frozen First Giant, named Xyar by Vencel’s scribblings, out of mercy and proceed to explore the remaning installation.

With angry yetai closing in from the further snowy reaches, our heroes force entry to the shipyard, making the acquaintance of a captive halfling shipwright, by the name of Yefaldo. Binding the small host of dwarven workmen in a corner, they make alliances with the halfling and prepare to exonerate him from House Topaz’ bondage when another skyship, this one bristling with winch crossbows, flamebreathers and dwarves to wield them, appears to harry the Company.


An epic and drawn-out battle ensues. Through a combination of ropes, teleportation and winched weapons, our heroes eventually manage to clamber onto the deck of the flying ship. There, battle is hastily joined by the intrepid adventurers; Vaca spends the majority of the conflict covered in fire, Chogaruk makes a mad dash for the ship’s helmsman that nearly claimed his life, Cutter balances atop flamebreather and railing alike for the best combat position and Zanna strikes so fierce a blow as to enhearten her companions to greater and greater victory.

The Company’s valor, however, is soon interrupted by the arrival of the sunset ship, firing its enchanted ballistae. After two thunderous shots, the skyship’s gear comes loose and the craft the heroes and their dwarven adversaries stand upon is plummet swiftly to the ground. Assembling themselves from the wreckage, our heroes discover, with horror and sorrow, that one of their number, Zencaré, was killed instantly in the crash.


With a retrieval party of dusk elves approaching via dinghy, the heroes make a hasty alliance with the surviving dwarves, preparing to defend the gear against the Oferet’s raiders. A short skirmish follows, in which the heroes, aided by the dwarves, decimate the incoming dusk elves, leaving only the pair of dusk gnomes to escape. After agreeing to part ways amicably with the House Topaz guards, the heroes collect the gear and Zencaré’s fallen body before travelling westward, in search of the Damsel at anchorage.



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