Episode 29 - Through the Postern Door

A Secret Entrance Discovered

Game Date: Durek 12-24, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Xanthara (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Thistle, Zanna

As they depart Xanthara, The Nameless Company sets course toward Obalta, to investigate the sunset ship’s dealings on the Quarantined Continent. After a voyage spent educating Lunoré, studying Vencel’s diaries and investigating the mystery of the Baron, our heroes managed to convince Captain Dawndive to look the other way as regards the breaking of the Three Seas blockade.

This precaution, however, proved somewhat unnecessary as, eight days into the journey, The Distressed Damsel abutted straight up against a strange undersea platform. After helping to patch the sprung leak, the adventurers investigate the bizarre obstruction and discover, much to their surprise, a strange shaft, leading to an imperiously long tunnel heading directly east. Reasoning this may be a possible secret entrance into Obalta, our heroes gamble on traversing the entire passage and journey onward into the enveloping dark.

After four frightening days stuck is a stale tube beneath the surface of the ocean, the heroes reach the end of the tunnel, climb the thousand feet to the surface and arrive, after some inspection, in a ruined village in mainland Obalta, a village Vaca finds strangely familiar. After investigating the area some, finding evidence of scale rot and utter urban decay, they encounter an unnerving farmer and his deadly livestock of cockatrice, which last out with petrifying beaks and flapping wings at the Company.


During the following battle with the vicious beasts, nearly every member of the Company had a brush with the cold danger of petrification, unyielding Vaca himself even succumbing fully to the various attacks and turning completely to stone. After defeating the remaining monsters and their disturbing keeper, the heroes loot the farmhouse to discover magical greaves, a clutch of cockatrice eggs and the appropriate antidote to cure their petrified companion.

After an awkward few moments of smearing the green antitoxin all over Vaca’s stone body, Thistle discovers her weapon, the Blade of Infinite Shapes, to vibrating slightly the further east she walks. Seeking another artifact of the Band of Five, the adventurers venture across the blighted landscape and eventually arrive upon the banks of a muddy river, where they discover, huddled on an island, a small colony of goliath refugees, all suffering from Chogaruk’s same affliction, the white blindness they termed the Bad Heirloom.

Convinced of a connection to scale rot, the goliaths inform the party that the disease began cropping up a decade or so previously and has since spread across all of Obalta. Chogaruk, in addition to sharing his supplies of food, shared the location of the “postern door” with the refugees, who were eternally grateful and resolved to find a way to pass through the tunnel as soon as possible.

Learning from the goliaths of a potential tiefling caravan encamped some distance to the south, the adventurers seek towards this caravan, following the increasing vibration of the Blade with each step.



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