Episode 39 - Palune, Part III: Leaves in Lavender

Into the Monoliths

Game Date: Durek 52, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Tsoj
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Interrogating a hapless cyclops captive that survived the battle atop the tomb of the Qakezar Dynasty, The Nameless Company receive a primer on the teleportation circles that interlink the six Monoliths that encircle the city of Tsoj. Convincing Kamal, their eager captive, to hold off the agents of the Flayer’s personal Axi, the heroes rest, recuperate and prepare to plow forward into the Monoliths, seeking the fastest possible route to the chambers of the Pharaoh.

Teleporting onto the lowest level of the Flayer’s Monolith, the heroes encounter a massive pile of fetid garbage, waste products and rotting corpses. Digging through the refuse to locate the teleportation circle that would lead them into the next Monolith, the heroes unwittingly uncover a massive, garbage-munching abomination that attacks them with spiked tendrils and filthy fangs. While the adventurers do manage to defeat the creature, both Typhoenos and Vaca are infected with a virulent case of filth fever once the combat is completed.

Arriving within the third level of the Muralist’s Monolith, The Nameless Company is confoundingly confronted with Arkhon Ptolomos Phyrenos and a squadron of Truarkh soldiers. After battling them atop their Phyreni colosseum for several moments, the scene shifts to a grassy knoll amid the Glasgwair, where they battle Belo and her bewitched elven raiders. Finally, the illusion shifts to Gorzibadd and the heroes face off against Hujat, Umakk and his goblin lackeys before, with their leader defeated, the room transforms once again into a plain storage chamber.

Lastly, the adventurers arrive within the second level of the Flayer’s Monolith, where they encounter a confusing trap involving pressure plates, large spikes and gravitational polarity. After several failed attempts to locate the switch that would open the teleportation circle, it’s Vaca’s supreme dungeoneering knowledge that locates the necessary switch and, organizing their movements, allows them to teleport out of the Flayer’s Monolith and into their next challenge.



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