Episode 44 - Party Politics

Adventurers Past and Present Merged

Game Date: Autumn 65, 338 F.I. – Autumn 72, 101 F.I.
Starting Location: Greenapple (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

On the next level of the Greengate Tower, The Nameless Company literally stumbled into a quintet of stealthily hidden gelatinous cubes, perfectly positioned within the chambers five alcoves. After a harrowing engagement when the heroes were continuously engulfed within the ooze’s caustic depths, despite all their attempts to extricate themselves. Through superior positioning by Zanna and a few savage blows from Chogaruk and Zencaré, the cubes were splattered and vanquished.


On the top level of the Greengate Tower, The Nameless Company next encountered the living quarters and remains of Bendeth Zencaré, the Band of Five’s fifth member. After receiving a cryptic message from the eladrin’s skeleton, searching the chamber revealed the wizard’s bygone diary and a perusal of same revealed an even more startling revelation – Bendeth Zencaré is the son of Chwaer, an elven maid and Althoren Zencaré, conceived the night of her sister’s wedding in 557 A.E. After reading of his son’s exploits in life, he discovers his ancient artifact, the Wand of Impenetrable Illusions, hidden within the room’s mirror.

Holding all five of the Band of Five artifacts, The Nameless Company experiences something incredible; within the blink of an eye, they’re transported two hundred years into the past and, what’s more, into the bodies of their Band of Five counterparts. Chogaruk becomes Chuchann, Vaca becomes Lady Somara, Zanna becomes Captain Miraj, Typhoenos becomes Osley Riverrock and Zencaré inhabits the body of his long dead son, Bendeth. Before they’ve much time to contemplate this sudden temporal shift, they realize that, marshaling outside the window is a massive army of orcs – the Fivefinger Brand, come to sack and burn the Greengate Keep, as they did in 101 F.I.

Rushing to the fortress’ defense, the Band of Five concocts a plan to change history, to defeat the warband and save the reputation of the legendary adventuring company. Planning to strike daringly forward and attack the war chieftan, Ngusu the Halfbreed, from his command tent at the rear of the army, they hope to behead the army and prevent the cunning tactician from employing the tactic they discovered, two hundred years from now, would breach the wall. Leaving the Keep in the best defense they can, the Band of Five prepares for its assault but is unprepared, perhaps, for the consequences of a significantly altered history.



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