Episode 45 - The Battle for Greenapple

A Siege Broken, A Timeline Altered

Game Date: Autumn 72, 101 F.I. – Autumn 75, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Greenapple (View Map)
Player Characters Present: Bendeth Zencaré, Chuchann, Captain Miraj, Lady Somara

The Band of Five, their plan hatched, exit the Greengate Keep via the secret passage and steal away across the countryside, making for Ngusu’s command tent. After a few close calls, the less-than-stealthy adventurers manage to avoid the notice and axes of the Fivefinger Brand and cut a path directly into Ngusu’s tent. Spotting smoking braziers, captive behemoths, human slaves and the Halfbreed himself, the heroes and their squad of retainers leap into battle, swords drawn.

While the garrison grunts contend themselves against the scytheclaw behemoths, Bendeth rescues the captive slaves, Captain Miraj and Lady Somara square off against the warband’s orcish generals, it’s Chuchann who takes the fight directly to Ngusu himself and the one who suffers the most as a direct result. The more the half-orc chieftain is harmed, the more powerful he becomes and, as the behemoths free themselves from their cages, the tide seems to slowly turn against the adventurers. Soon as his lackeys fall, however, Ngusu’s swiftly surrounded and beaten and, with the help of an overturned brazier by Bendeth, the adventurers make good their escape, with the chieftain’s severed head in tow.

Once returned to the keep, the Band of Five finds the defense in dire straits. Much of the garrison is slain, orcs overrun the parapets and the flail-wielding ogre is mere minutes away from battering down the Greengate and ushering the entire warband in after him. The adventurers quickly take command of the gate’s defense and hasten to turn the tide of the battle against the orcish hordes.


While Captain Miraj and Lady Somara seek to clear the orcish occupation of the Keep’s western wall, Bendeth and Chuchann hurry up the keep’s primary tower, hoping to weaken the horde’s morale with the brandishing of Ngusu’s severed head and punish the ogre with arcane missiles, respectively. Working together, the warlord and the paladin work hard to penetrate the orcish ranks, succeeding in shoving down two ladders and vanquishing an entire battalion. Once he arrives on the opposite parapet, one sweep of Chuchann’s mighty axe fells an entire squad of Fivefinger brutes. At one point, Bendeth is nearly toppled from atop the tower by an ambitious orc, only to be rescued by a thrown dagger from Osley Riverrock.

It’s characteristically Captain Miraj whose thrown stone delivers the final blow that slays the ogre and delivers the final blow to the orc’s morale in the same instant, suddenly scattering them from the walls and fleeing back towards their ships. Surging forward, the Greengate defenders drive the remaining enemy forces off their fortress walls and victory is summarily declared.

No sooner has this happy news been announced, however, than the adventurers are recalled to their own time, where they’re greeted with the sad tidings that, during the ten-day excursion into the past, Typhoenos Viomarkh, their dragonborn companion, succumbed to his illness and perished. Wrapping up his body, the Company prepares to give him proper funeral rites, as they pass through the suddenly prosperous and unruined town of Greenapple.

Disposing of the warden’s remains in the traditional Palunite fashion – casting his body to sea within a full barrel of wine – the Nameless Company boards The Distressed Damsel and departs away southward, contemplating what other changes to history their victory may have sparked.



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