Episode 46 - The Queen's Table

A Feast Enjoyed, A Murder Averted

Game Date: Autumn 75 – 88, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Greenapple
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Sailing thirteen days southward from Greenapple, The Distressed Damsel rounds the either appropriately or inappropriately named peninsula of Edocco’s Cock and re-enters the Scarlet Sea once more. Now in the home stretch towards Belltower, The Nameless Company makes a pitstop in the town of Gullsport, capital of Gullion, to collect the ten thousand golden dragon reward for Captain Gavielle’s severed head.

Wading through the messes of sea gulls in throng around the town at any given moment, the heroes venture out to the Castle Adrift, across the mechanized causeway and make the acquaintance of Lord Chamberlain Aelfirth, a man with suffering from a voluminous lung, and, shortly thereafter, the Queen Kerige herself, who promptly invited them to dinner that evening.

After being suitably gussied up for dinner with royalty, they were ushered into the Queen’s private dining hall and shown their seats. That evening, their dinner guests included, besides the Queen and the Lord Chamberlain, Solemn Narro, a visiting priestess of the Xato Marun, and Tyristys, brass dragon and late mayor of Gorzibadd. The food, cooked by the Queen’s long-suffering gnomish cook Lixabette, is served and the adventurers chow down.


After gossiping with the rumormonger Queen, Zanna is surprised to discover that her pastry is, in fact, poisoned with an herbal toxin known as yellowhelm, a substance lethal to dragons. Quickly ascertaining that someone attempted to poison the brass dragon, the heroes, offered a substantial bonus to their previous reward were immediately on the case.

Interrogating each of the suspects, The Nameless Company learnt that Lixabette, the gnomish cook, was coerced into poisoning one of the tarts by Solemn Narro, the unflappable priestess, and told to blame the crime on the Lord Chamberlain. As a member of the Xato Marun, Narro, it was supposed, bears some grievance against non-golden dragons ruling nations and didn’t wish for Tyristys to succeed to the throne of Gullion. Discovering a small sample of yellowhelm in the priestess’ belongings, they were able to convict and imprison her.

In the dungeons below the Castle Adrift, Solemn Narro finally broke character and swore that now, not only did Arkhon Ptolomos, Protector of the Realm, harbor hatred for them, but her secretive order of the Xato Marun did as well. This warning sternly delivered, The Nameless Company departs Gullion, making for Belltower, with wary glances over their shoulders.



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