Episode 53 - Pledge of Allegiance

A Fortress Recaptured, A Fond Farewell

Game Date: Durek 9 – 19, 338 F.I.
Starting Location: Bluffguard
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna


At Bluffguard’s highest point, The Nameless Company squares off against Prygor, Field General of Prygor’s Hand and his squad of loyal soldiers. While, at first, it seems the adventurers have the upper hand, when a wave of re-enforcements arrives from below, the battle begins to turn away with our heroes. As they fight, Zanna and Prygor exchange caustic insults and, before the day is won, both Zanna and Zencaré are beaten to the ground. In the end, however, it’s poetically Zanna’s javelin that sends the dragonborn mercenary captain tumbling over the parapet to his death below.

After a tense negotiation with the remaining members of Prygor’s Hand, Zanna finds herself in command of a fresh squad of twenty-five recruits for The Blue Banners and Bluffguard is successfully retaken. The Nameless Company sets about looting the tower, freeing the prisoners and interrogating one of the captives – a Xato Marun spy, sent to eavesdrop on the doings of the party. Once the Baron Zuss arrives to congratulate them, a tremendous banquet is thrown, the company celebrating their last night with their diminutive leader.

The following morning, after pestering the musty old raven that seems to dog their steps, three members of The Nameless Company depart, heading northwestward, toward Mound Arwyne and the Glasgwair. Zsuzanna, meanwhile, elects to stay behind and hold the keep of Bluffguard in the name of the adventuring company and the Haggard Host. Bidding their gnomish warlord farewell, Zencaré, Vaca and Chogaruk take their leave and begin the trek northward.

Passing the Saltmarsh and Fort Briartwine, their raven still behind them, The Nameless Company crosses into the Dekimura Dunes and makes contact with a goliath tribe – the Cloudless-Days. After explaining his intention to their leader – to unite all the goliaths of Qairn against the Arkhosian Kingdom – Chogaruk is put the local trial. Tasked with running across a narrow slad of basalt without burning his feet. Unfortunately failing in the attempt, the Cloudless-Days invite the heroes to stay the night and consent to another visit, when Chogaruk’s brought more soldiers with him.

This done, The Nameless Company crosses what remains of the dunes, fords the Blue Ribbon and passes, once again, into the green expanse of the Glasgwair.



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