Episode 61 - Odd Allies

A Colorful Cast of Characters

Game Date: Durek 86 – 89, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Gichiwan
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati, Zanna

Marching south from Gichiwan, The Nameless Company and the Blue Banners arrive at the unpleasant town of Oxdung, a sleepy whaler’s community and the best place to hire passage across Harpoon Bay. Leaving the army on the city’s outskirts, they immediately make for the Cracked Keg, the local sailor’s tavern, hoping to hire a ship and depart this gloomy town as quickly as possible.

Inside the Keg, they make the acquaintance of three ship’s captains – Captain Marko of The Draconic Dust, Captain Enrica “Compass” Clearcoast of The Ace Acrobat and Captain Bixby of The Bad Omen. While chatting with Captain Bixby, the heroes discover his first mate, Rollo Broadbeach, is brother to Rocco Broadbeach, first mate aboard The Distressed Damsel. From Rollo, they hear the sad story of the Damsel’s impounding and Captain Yolanda’s imprisonment. Hearing this, they resolve to hire The Bad Omen and make for Crosswinds at once.

Crossing Harpoon Bay, they spot a few whales before docking at Nirem. Navigating their way through the city of orange tents, they encounter both of Zanna’s Uncles – Serqolaine and Mose – before meeting Txomin the Locust himself. In the Locust’s tent, the heroes haggle and negotiate a contract with the wily gnomish warlord, wherein he agrees to abstain from siding with Arkhosia for the length of 100 days, until they can sign an agreement together.

From here, Zanna departs, heading back to her army and her promising career at the head of her own mercenary company. The heroes bid her farewell and, no sooner has Zanna departed, than Grandmother Crow arrives. She informs The Nameless Company that there are fell deeds afoot within the Rookwood and Grandfather Raven requires their aid immediately. Begrudgingly, the adventurers accept this new task.

Sailing to the eastern shore of Harpoon Bay, The Nameless Company follows Grandmother Crow deep into the unforgiving eaves of the Rookwood. Traveling deeper and deeper into the claustrophobic forest, they encounter innumerable swarms of agitated crows, all speaking intelligible language. Eventually, they arrive at Murder Manor, Grandmother Crow’s ruined home, where Grandfather Raven meets them. Explaining that Boss King Magpie, leader of the forest’s magpie population, has stolen a great treasure – the Tinkly, Tinkly Necklace – from the Trinketrove, he asks the adventurers aid in returning it.

They comply with further hesitation and, before they can object, transforms each and every member of the company into a crow.



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