Episode 79 - 116 Blackbrick Road

An Artifact Sought, An Ancient Power Discovered

Game Date: Autumn 50-56, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Belltower
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Grandmother Crow, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa

En route from Belltower to Prerros, The Nameless Company fatefully decided the future of Japetho Windward, their cat-turned-halfling spy. While the majority of The Nightowl’s crew voted to maroon the addlebrained halfling on the “island’ of Figment, the party’s intervention voted to deposit him on Prerros, the nearest port of note. Somewhat disappointed by this verdict, ”/characters/free-captain-yenta-yolanda-yo-dugong-dawndive" class=“wiki-content-link”>Captain Dawndive accepted the crew’s judgment all the same.

Along the way, Kardasha the Cruel discovered Althoren Lunoré, smuggled aboard the boat in a sac of flour. Giving her an earful, Zencaré resolved to allow her to stay on the boat at least until the Prerros matter was concluded, before he’d warp her back to Belltower.

Arriving in Prerros, the adventurers send Japetho on his way before seeking out evidence of the Fraudulent Die of Palune. According to their superlative information, the die could be located at 116 Blackbrick Road which, after some investigation, the heroes discovered to be one of the massive, ancient, doorless Monuments that dot the city’s skyline. Unsure how to proceed, the adventure searched around the block and eventually – within the ruin of a burnt building – discovered a strange underground chamber, covered with decorations and motifs of rats.

Defeating a squad of massive, heavily armored rats, The Nameless Company discovered a series of rituals that, when performed, transformed them into mice. With no other options in sight, the four adventurers-come-mice scurried into one of the chambers mouseholes, to see where it would lead. They didn’t go much farther, however, before they encountered another armored rat – a Jy’hizaar – now the comparative size of an elephant.

After a hasty battle between a troop of these rats, the adventurers managed to capture and interrogate one, learning that this city was once the domain of an ancient civilization of rats, worshipping a collectivist entity known as Malaakhriz – a creature connected in some way to King Rat. With the aid of the pressganged jy’hizaar, The Nameless Company gained access to the True City and marched down into darkness, amid the endless chanting of a million, million rats.

“Ma-laa-khirz! Ma-laa-khriz!”



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