Episode 82 - The Unseen Hand

Unpredictable Allies

Game Date: Autumn 60-64, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Garden Bridge
Player Characters Present: Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Zanna

Investigating the scene where the tiefling caravan was abducted from, The Nameless Company are joined quite unexpectedly by Thistle, appearing suddenly in a patch of shrubbery. Surprised and overjoyed to see their long lost companion, they quickly powwow about their various adventures, determine that the eladrin is still carrying the evidence of Thoon in her skull and resolve that, as soon as they’ve concluded this quest, they’ll seek a means to rid her of the ailment.

Tracking The Unseen Hand’s magical trace eastward, the adventurers cross many miles of Obaltan countryside, before arriving on the shore of Logo Oyestra, a great lake in eastern Obalta. Ambushed by a squad of Pariah freedom-fighters, however, they make the acquaintance of Boathook, a halfling radical with his one remaining eye fixed on the Unseen Hand. Together, they hatch a plan and resolve to cross the lake and attack the ship where it’s docked – not before they begrudgingly accept magical brand that will allow them to see the invisible ship.


Resolving to free the tiefling prisoners and tangle with the hellcats belowdecks, The Nameless Company snuck out to The Unseen Hand while the Pariah raiders stormed the deck and dispatched the main crew. Battling the invisible demons and the irritating efforts of a cloistered archer, the adventurers eventually won the day, freed the tieflings and claimed victory. Boathook and his remaining Pariahs took control of the Hand and agreed to ferry everyone back to Castle Heroic, where they could regroup with Drek.



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