Episode 86 - Dread, Part II: Pits of Pain

Tragedy on the Trail

Game Date: Autumn 71-74, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Pits of Zbiwa
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Lord Vaca L’oy Dakursa, Nakhiti “Thistle” Sati, Zanna

Departing from the safety of their upside-down tree, The Nameless Company continued their trek across Dread Salarza, following the lead of Edric Yarder, their trusty half-orc guide. Along the way, Thistle regaled her companions with her tales of the Seelie Court and the revelation that Imald, in fact, gave birth to a daughter and smuggled her somewhere on Qairn. Resolving to seek out this ancient secret later, the adventurers pressed onward, eventually running afoul of some scytheclaw behemoths.


After tossing the entire hunting pack into the bubbling pits of hot tar all around them, The Nameless Company continued on its way. After encountering a lumbering ogre by the name of Cruak, the beneficent adventurers sent the poor confused creature on its way, with a bemused “Food is helpful” thanks from the war machine. Towards the end of the traveling day, however, it became increasingly clear to Edric that they’d strayed into orc territory.

Overhearing the passage of a vengeful warband from their campsite, they attempted, come the dawn, to tread with greater caution – until they stumbled straight into the armed encampment of the Wkoka tribe. Setting off the alarm, the adventurers went running into the jungle, hoping to lose any pursuers in their mad flight. When they regrouped, however, they discovered that Edric was not with them. Before they could mount a proper rescue, the horrified heroes heard the sound of the trailblazer’s capture by the orc search parties, his screams begging the heroes to run for their lives.

Zencaré cast phantom steeds in haste and The Nameless Company rose through the treetops, flying away north towards Quake Lake with all speed. On the way, they caught sight of the distant Ukuta, concluding somehow that the wall was constructed from what appeared to be bones, larger than mountains.

Another day’s journey brought them entirely off their own map and deeper into utterly uncharted territory. After a humorous encounter with a grove of havenseeds and a hungry ground sloth, The Nameless Company made the acquaintance of a wild woman, who spoke no language but Orcish, and who offered to become their new guide.



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