Episode 96 - A Path Untrod

A Spiritual Journey Undertaken

Game Date: Autumn 88 – Autumn 93, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Emerald Sea
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Zanna

After a brief interlude aboard The Nightowl, The Nameless Company teleported to the seedy pirate port of Yaor Bay, in search of a captain who could ferry them to the Crimson Atoll. Still infected with scale rot – or its various racial iterations thereof – they sought the healing arts of Ahtakkoon, goliath shaman, crazy person and the keeper of Chogaruk’s Paluu whitesight cure.

There were slim pickings to be had, amongst the various captains they sought, until they literally stumbled upon the huddled form of Captain Bixby, fallen from grace and living like a vagrant. He told them his sob story – a great sea monster, known only as the “”/wikis/demonmaw" class=“wiki-page-link”> Demonmaw" – rose from the sea to swallow his whaling vessel, The Bad Omen, whole. Convinced his crew is still alive, the adventurers swore to aid him in recovering his ship – once all their other errands were completed.

Piling aboard Bixby’s new craft – a tiny keelboat appropriately named The Good Omen – the remains of The Nameless Company headed for the Crimson Atoll. Upon arriving, they were reunited not only with Ahtakkoon but with Grandfather Raven also, currently lending his “aid” to the goliath shaman on hers and Grandmother Crow’s quest to cure scale rot.

When traditional methods failed her, Ahtakkoon proposed a more radical solution – to send the players down the path untrod, a spiritual journey that would take them inside themselves and force them to do battle with the mote of corruption that’s infected them. Consenting, however reluctantly, the adventurers took the shaman’s drugs and hallucinated themselves to a vast dreamscape, where an raging ocean, a pitched battle and a strange series of standing stones awaited them.

Choosing the ocean to tackle first, the heroes piled into a convenient dingy that sat, waiting for them, on the shore. No sooner had they rowed into the churn than they were set upon by a mizeekay’mukwa, a dragon turtle, the ancestral patron of the Ra’kee’zo’é people. This specimen, however, was horribly decomposed and rotten and clearly the cause of Chogaruk’s infection.

After a mighty battle, the horrific beast was felled and Chogaruk’s blindness was immediately cleared. All that remained for the adventurers to clear now were the battlefield and the strange standing stones.



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