Episode 98 - Abbey of All Monsters

Allies Discovered At Ocean's Bottom

Game Date: Autumn 95-98, 339 F.I.
Starting Point: Usago
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré, Chogaruk, Zanna

On the trail of information pertaining to the Demonmaw, The Nameless Company sails into the free port of Usago. Disguised as Oslite adventuring party “The Seawalkers”, they seek a High Abbot of the Bounteous Typhoon who can point them in the direction of the hallowed Abbey of All Monsters, the world’s greatest repository of information pertaining to the ocean’s beasts. The only difficulty is, of course, that the Abbey’s located on the bottom of the Azure Sea.

At the city’s Cathedral Buoyant, the adventurers convince High Abbott Berero of their “good intentions” and he casts a ritual – seabed stride – upon the heroes, allowing them to walk and breathe, unharmed by pressure or lack of oxygen, on the ocean’s floor. They then begin a beautiful and unnerving hike across the bottom of the city’s massive seagate, through a coral reef, and down a carven stairway descending into the unfathomable Usago Deep, until they reach the Abbey.

The Abbey itself – a marvel of magical engineering festooned all with forbidding carvings of sea monsters, tentacles and yawning maws – is warm and welcoming inside. Meeting several of the Sunken Sisters, the adventurers learn a great deal about not only the Demonmaw, but also many other matters. It is the opinion of Sister Carzana, the resident expert, that the Demonmaw is, in fact, a private extradimensional space that Oslé sends those who have betrayed her or broken her holy contracts.

Revealing their true identities, they have an illuminating conversation with High Abbess Gamalarna, the Abbey’s resident expert on krakens. Concerned about the spreading influence of “Thoon” on the sea creatures of the world, she struck a strange deal with The Nameless Company. In exchange for his whereabouts, the High Abbess offered to pay the adventurers handsomely for the remains of Vencel, Loremaster of House Topaz, that she might dissect and study them.

The bargain struck, their information gained, The Nameless Company teleported next to Belltower, in preparation for their quest to Maz Immura to rescue or recover Professor Kajetan.



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