Interlude - Enter Zencaré

A Commotion at the Collegium

Campaign Date: Zahal 6, 338 F.I.
Starting Point: Belltower
Player Characters Present: Althoren Zencaré

Interrupted from his research by the sounds of commotion down the river, Althoren Zencaré, visiting eladrin wizard, rushes to his balcony view overlooking the Belltower Collegium and spies an attempted kidnapping in the adjacent building. With a dagger pressed to her throat, a sinister cloaked figure ushers his hostage, the blind Professor Tegori, from her office and down the hallway.

Ie1 map

Acting quickly, Zencaré, through a combination of swift climbing and eladrin teleportation magic, catches up with the abductor and, with a display of his magical prowess, convinces the kidnapper, a dark-skinned elf, to release his captive, before fleeing in the opposite direction.

After securing Tegori’s safety, Zencaré pursues and, upon reaching the campus ground, is subsequently ambushed by another pair of dusk elven assailants. Dispatching them and a rowboat full of re-enforcements with blasts of lightning and arcane wind, the eladrin offers the strange abductor one final unheeded chance to surrender before slitting his throat with his khopesh.

Come the morn, Zencaré is summoned, after much thanks and praise from the undermanned campus security, to an audience with Professor Kajetan of House Jasper, whereupon he encounters four more companions of unusual talents, awaiting to hear some dearly desired answers about the previous night’s seemingly random attacks.



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