Aiqor Tharax

Scale Rotter, Ptolomos' Bodyguard


“This imposing piece of draconic full plate startles you when it suddenly shifts, clomping forward with implacable momentum. It wields a greatsword in its massive gauntlets and, with a practiced eye, you notice there’s no gap or chink in the entire suit. It’s almost impossible to believe that there’s a living creature sealed within this prison of plate. It forces you to wonder whether he’s keeping something out or keeping something in.”


Born in the small town of New Thara, Aiqor served much of his life in the Arkhosian military, serving with the 78th Legion. During a scale rot outbreak in Xoban, Aiqor was infected with the virulent disease. Rather than simply succumbing to his fate, Aiqor agreed to have a dangerous procedure done, sealing himself within a suit of full plate, with preservation magic keeping him alive.

Aiqor owes a great debt to Ptolomos Phyrenos, who arranged for this procedure to be done. Aiqor is unquestionably loyal, serving Ptolomos until his dying day. His dying day came on Sangor 96, 339 F.I., when Aiqor was slain within Ijo Mal, a patrol tower on the southern border of the Tepemkau Regency. Though killed by Chogaruk, he went to his grave gladly, having given his life to further Ptolomos’ great war.

Race: Dragonborn
Age: 49
Height: 6’8"
Weight: 388 lbs
Scales: Yellow
Eyes: Blue

First Appearance: Episode 21 – Thy Kingdom Come
Final Appearance: Episode 117 – War, Part V: On the Eve of Great Battle (death)

Aiqor Tharax

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