Ambassador of Nypacia, Illusory


“Only through deep insight or magical detection can the humble gnomish girl standing before you be positively identified as what she is – a complex illusion. In every way, she appears wholly real – the texture of her cloth wrappings, the curl of her dark lashes, the ink patterns of henna tattoo on her hands and neck. Closer examination, however, reveals a few unnatural qualities about her – her stolid face, her tendency to stare, her shallow, forced breaths. Whomever is casting such an illusion, however, is an arcanist of no mean skill.”


Little is known about the origin of Alazne, the mysterious gnomish girl that serves as the voice of Innocence, the child-calipha of all Nypacia. At all functions is the Calipha served by her and this tradition dates back centuries, to the foundation of the caliphate and its original traditions. Alazne, in some form, has served the ruling caliph of Nypacia for nearly a millenia, by gnomish calendars, and will continue to do so, long into the nation’s future reign.

Race: Gnome
Age: ?
Height: 3’3"
Weight: 51 lbs.
Hair: ?
Eyes: Brown

First Appearance: Episode 110 – False Pride
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 120 – For Old Time’s Sake


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