Althoren Lunoré

Zencaré's Only Child


“With a brilliant head of red hair, delicate features and normally eyes of shining green, young Lunoré resembles her father Zencaré more than a little, bearing his high cheekbones, but her mother’s hair and eye color. Now, however, with Palune’s dreadful curse laid upon her, the once sprightly youth is bedridden, comatose and seemingly lifeless, not to mention the striking purple hue her eyes have taken, a constant reminder of the implacable grip the Vindictive Fool holds on her.”


The only daughter of Althoren Zencaré and his late wife, Lunoré bore the same curse as her father and the same curse that claimed the life of her mother, though her own curse manifested as a permanent comatose state. In this method, lingering on the edge of death, did Palune keep Zencaré on a tight leash, ensuring that he’ll always do his bidding. Zencaré travels the world, seeking a method to lift the curse from himself and his daughter.

After being released from the curse, Lunoré’s memories have all been erased and Zencaré now works tirelessly to reacquaint Lunoré with her previous self, with the help of Ferberk the dwarf, Baron the cat and an overenthusiastic Zanna. She’s also, thanks to her generous father, the proud owner of a new horse, whom she’s immediately named Sparkles.

Now studying at the Belltower Collegium, Lunoré is a notedly precocious student, known for getting into and out of trouble. She even aided The Nameless Company investigate reports of a vampire on campus, reports that proved true. She also accompanied the adventurers into Maz Immura and to the christening of Qormoxen, in distant Tojezen.

Race: Eladrin
Age: 12
Height: 4’5"
Weight: 45 lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green (Purple)
Birthday: Sangor 4, 327 F.I.

First Appearance: Episode 15 – Into the Feywild
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 120 – For Old Time’s Sake

Althoren Lunoré

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