Althoren Zencaré

The Undying


“Blonde-haired, blue-eyed and silvertongued, this eladrin spellcaster tempers some of his ragged appearance with his suave and self-assured air. Attired in fine robes of arcane design and wielding a wand of sheer black oak, he’s as quick with a smile or a spouted historical fact as he is with a spell and, master of illusory magic as he is, one cannot help but wonder how much of this wizard’s pleasant appearance is perhaps influenced by his study of that most insidious school of arcana.”

Male Eladrin Wizard 27 / Arcane Wayfarer / Archlich


Race: Eladrin
Age: 134
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 132 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Once employed as an arcane enforcer under the dwarven mafioso “Thunderbolt” Xolt, a telling display of bravado attracted the curse of Palune, god of trickery, to Althoren Zencaré and his family. After claiming Zencaré’s health, the life of his wife and nearly that of their daughter Lunoré, the curse was finally lifted with the murder of Min the Deathless, Pharaoh of All Palune. That chapter of his life now closed, Zencaré then pursued and attained the secret to immortality, a study began by Bendeth Zencaré, his illegitimate son, born two hundred years out of time. Finished by his father, Althoren Zencaré became an archlich, an undead and immortal spellcaster whose soul is bound to an earthly phylactery.

In addition to a great love of knowledge, books and languages, Zencaré is known to be something of a libertine, fond of drinking, gambling and merrymaking. Several incidents during his career as an adventurer – the presence of his young daughter, his tumultuous voyage through the afterlife, the discovery of Bendeth’s existence – have conspired to reign these tendencies in, however, and mold him into a more mature father figure for Lunoré.

Following The Nameless War, Althoren Zencaré retired, accepting a teaching position at the Belltower Collegium as Head of Arcane Studies. While he spends much of his time there, for many months of the year will Zencaré disappear, vanishing off to a secret retreat high in the mountains of Dread Salarza, where he studies obscure arcane lore and quests after a secret that’s been niggling at him – the meaning of the phrase “Qalhata”.

First Appearance: Interlude 1 – Enter Zencaré
Last Appearance: Episode 121 – Belly of the Beast
Birthday: Sangor 89, 206 F.I.
Twitter: @LordZencare
Played by Cody Bushee

Current Items:
+4 Wand of Impenetrable Illusions (Implement)
+2 robe of contingency (Armor)
+4 bralani cloak
Complete Dice of Palune (Artifact)
Kazalhan Gloves (Hands)
Circlet of Mental Onslaught (Head)
Ring of Sworn Brotherhood (Ring 1)
Blessing of the Sleepless Dreamer (Primal Boon)
Blessed Book
Restful Mat
Bridle of Conjuration
Gad’s Parchment

Current: 550,000 XP

Achievements Unlocked (29):

  • The Best Medicine: Crack a joke to Baron Zuss.
  • Diplomatic Immunity (3): Best use of Diplomacy
  • Oviraptor: Steal the egg from inside Cindermaw’s gullet.
  • Ritualist (9): Use a ritual.
  • Quotable: “Every time I take off, I’m gonna take a shit.”
  • Amateur Hour (2): Use a skill untrained.
  • Bend the Knee: Recite the Oath of the Dragoon.
  • Friendly Fire: Target an ally with an attack power.
  • Blind Man’s Bluff (2): Best description of a Bluff check.
  • What’s In A Name: Read the name from a marute’s chest.
  • Total Immersion: Describe a skill check without using the skill’s name.
  • Intimidation Games (2): Best description of an Intimidate check.
  • Gone with the Wind: Spend your Second Wind
  • Photographic Memory: Recall an obscure proper noun from 10 sessions ago without rolling.
  • BFB: Fire a House Topaz ballista.
  • Happy Birthday: Celebrate a birthday.
  • Graphic Violence: Describe an attack power unprompted.

Althoren Zencaré

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