Metarkh Ptolomos Phyrenos

Protector of the Realm


“Everything about the comportment, carriage and pose of this noble suggests that he’s a dragonborn in the peerless tradition of Arkhosia, except his race. The evidence of his tiefling ethnicity stands as the only counterpoint to his otherwise entirely draconian appearance; Arkhosian clothing, Arkhosian dialect, Arkhosian cohos hanging from his belt. Indeed, it would appear as though, unless otherwise instructed, this tiefling thinks himself a dragonborn and dares you, with steely red eyes, to comment otherwise.”


Born to dragonborn parents, Arkhon Ptolomos Phyrenos is the current ruling body in the city of Phyren and is widely popular among his constituency. He’s taken a hard, radical stance in favor of traditional Arkhosian values, a political ideology known as Truarkhism, including military conquest, isolationism and even the abhorred practice of slavery, specifically of goliaths. Despite the radical nature of his beliefs, his followers are fervent and multiplying.

According to recent gossip, Ptolomos was brought to Rhogar in chains and tried for his crimes of slavery. According to even more recent gossip, after surviving five rounds of Pentakhar, the god Arkos himself alighted upon the arena and blessing the actions of Ptolomos. The Arkhosian King, Mycrete IV, was so impressed, he named Ptolomos the Protector of the Realm, a position in command of all the kingdom’s military.

At present, Ptolomos rules Arkhosia in all but name. Wielding the Seal of Conquest and the Seal of Defense, he can create and pass whatever law he wishes. Thus far, he was instituted the Crusade of Flame, he’s legalized slavery and he’s marshaled all the armies of Arkhosia into the Mountains of Impact, planning to invade Imald on the new year.

Ptolomos fell, in personal battle with The Nameless Company, aboard his skyship above the Duel of Dragons on Zahal 12, 340 F.I. With him died his crusade and the True Arkhosian Front.

Race: Tiefling
Age: 49
Height: 5’10
Weight: 176 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red

First Appearance: Episode 21 – Thy Kingdom Come
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 119 – War, Part VII: Victory or Defeat (death)

Metarkh Ptolomos Phyrenos

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