Bendeth Zencaré

Eladrin Wizard, Band of Five member, son of Althoren Zencaré


“Standing just over six feet tall and therefore unusually tall for an eladrin, there’s clearly some elven blood visible in this specimen, as evidenced by his darkened hair and skin tone. His cloth is common, somewhat shabby robes, disguised by dirt and rattiness, originating from an Imaldi tailor. His eyes, however, blaze with that pupiless cobalt blue, signifying that, despite the elven heritage he unquestionably bares, pure Imaldi blood runs equally in his veins.”

Male Eladrin Wizard 5


Born to Chwaer, Daughter of Taemin, and a time-traveling Althoren Zencaré in 557 A.E. in the Roahke Flats, Bendeth Zencaré is widely regarded as the first eladrin to be born on the surface of Qairn, originating, as he did, some 175 years before the mooncrash. Raised among the elves of the Roahdri clan, he lived something of a lonely existence, revered by his peers but isolated as well. Educated at the Belltower Collegium in wizardry, he became obsessed with the culture of his people and, more specifically, the adventuring party of his father.

When the moon fell in 732 A.E., Bendeth saw an opportunity to visit the homeland of his people. In 60 F.I., he visited Imald, attempting to re-enter eladrin society and learn as much as he could but, without the proper family connections and no trace of his father, not to be born for nearly two hundred years, he eventually left the Fallen Moon and retired to the small town of Greenapple in 66 F.I..

In 101 F.I., however, the Fivefinger Brand launched their attack against the town and its mountain fortress, the Greengate Keep, and Bendeth found himself fighting along four brave adventurers – the Band of Five – in the town’s defense. Though they were defeated, he joined their ranks and followed them on their many adventures, once again retiring to the ruins of Greenapple in 103 F.I. once the party disbanded.

In his tower, Bendeth committed his remaining years to both attempting to prolong his life, that he might have the chance to meet his father and enacting a ritual that would summon the future Nameless Company both to the Band of Five’s artifacts and to Greenapple, where they might have a chance to defend the town more properly, armed with the benefit of hindsight. He died, alone in his tower, around the year 125 F.I, 11 years before his father was born

His implement, the Wand of Impenetrable Illusions, he bequeathed to his father and Zencaré now wields the implement.

Race: Eladrin
Age: 276
Height: 6’1"
Weight: ?
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

First Appearance: Episode 44 – Party Politics
Played by Cody Bushee

Bendeth Zencaré

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