Calexzar the Vitriolic, Firebrand, The Unquenchable Flame


“Easily ninety feet from head to tail, this red dragon’s most distinguishing feature, beyond its impenetrable coat of interlocking red scales, its hundred foot wingspan and its siege engine of a tail, is its third horn, sprouting unnaturally from the center of its head. Smoke perpetually oozes from its nostrils, an unearthly red glow is visible at the back of the dragon’s throat and its eyes, normally beady and yellow, are washed over with a reddish, bloody film, as though all the dragon’s sight is obscured by a crimson screen.”


The oldest living red on Qairn, Calexzar the Vitriolic, Firebrand, the Quenchable Flame, is widely believed to be Qairn’s most dangerous and provokable dragon. Once, as a young virile male, he mated with Arkhosia and sired both Wyrmling Princes of legend and, in most recent memory, he sired Tojezen’s current brood of blue eggs and, its believed, a sixth, golden egg. His lair is believed to be located somewhere in Dread Salarza and his presence on Qairn is noted mainly when he swoops down, every century or so, to ransack an unfortunate town, city or fortress, inspired by some new unknowable outrage.

In 338 F.I., believing The Nameless Company to have stolen his golden egg, Calexzar descended on the city of Belltower and nearly burnt the entire Dockside District to ashes. In 339 F.I., Calexzar descended once again upon The Nameless Company, deep in the wilds of Dread Salarza, and carried Vaca L’oy Dakursa off in his fiery jaws. In 341 F.I., Calexzar made his final attack against The Nameless Company, striking at Vaca L’oy Dakursa at his wedding in the Ironshod Hills.

It was, in this battle, that Calexzar was finally slain, killed by Field General Zanna of the Haggard Host.

Race: Red Dragon
Age: 1,000+
Length: 90’3"
Weight: 82.5 tons (165,000 lbs)
Scales: Red
Eyes: Red

First Appearance: Episode 50 – One Big Misunderstanding
Final Appearance: Episode 120 – For Old Time’s Sake (dead)


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