Captain Bixby

Captain of The Bad Omen


“Skin the color and texture of weathered leather, a bristling white beard and a huffing blackwood pipe all announce themselves as this face’s most distinguishing features. Rain runs off the sopping wet hat atop the Captain’s head. Rain dribbles down the oiled front of his slicker. Rain pools around his feet, one booted, one wooden. Everything about this salty, smoking figure betokens the sea.”


Captain of The Bad Omen, Bixby is a native of Oxdung and a career whaler. He plied his trade in Harpoon Bay for much of his life – even losing his leg to the late Mad Wilbur, a vicious killer whale – but he’s recently fallen on even hard times. When the vengeful mate of one of his captured whales attacked Oxdock and smashed several bridges, he was banned from ever practicing whaling in the bay again.

More recently, his ship was destroyed and all his crew lost when the Demonmaw rose in anger against The Bad Omen. Discovered by the party, stranded in Yaor Bay, they promised to face the beast and recover his lost crew. In 341 F.I., Bixby was exhumed from Yaor Bay and accompanied the Nameless Company into the very belly of the beast, where he was reunited with his crew and subsequently lost his right eye.

Race: Human
Age: 65
Height: 5’3"
Weight: 176 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Brown

First Appearance: Episode 61 – Odd Allies
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 121 – Belly of the Beast

Captain Bixby

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