Captain Panehesy Serqolaine

Haggard Host Captain, Zanna's Unofficial Uncle, Vaca's Sister-in-Arms


“White haired and pink eyed, this eladrin would possess a striking plain beauty, where it not for the copious amount of sweat, mud and battlefield grime covering her entire body. Attired in what must have once been pristine eladrin chain, wielding the signature combination of shield and spear of her people, though she appears versed in all six schools of the martial art. She keeps the orange, ragged side-cape she wears tossed over her shoulders, somewhat disdainfully, so as not to impede her movement.”


A Captain among the Haggard Host, Txomin the Locust’s second in command and the only daughter of Panehesy Atoset, Panehesy Serqolaine, or Captain Serqolaine, or Uncle Serq, as she is variably called, is a stout, loyal and unquestioning soldier. Serving alongside her friend and confidant the Locust, Serqolaine has fought in countless campaigns across Colcambria, Eregia and Irmina. She is highly skilled with spear-and-shield and few, save her father, can rival her in one-on-one battle.

She serves as a surrogate mother to Zanna, instructing her in the way of the spear and keeping her out of trouble as best she can. Formerly Vaca’s commanding officer, the two have a close, if unexplained, bond between them.

When Txomin was killed at the treacherous hands of House Topaz, Captain Serqolaine unquestioning swore loyalty to Zanna, the Haggard Host’s new Field General.

Race: Eladrin
Age: 142
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Hair: White
Eyes: Pink

First Appearance: Episode 28 – Daddy Issues
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 120 – For Old Time’s Sake

Captain Panehesy Serqolaine

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