The Chieftain


“A stranger specimen of a goliath isn’t likely to be found anywhere across the face of Qairn. One hand wrapped in a bandage, a suite of glowing magical letters across one forearm and the shaggy pelt of an albino owlbear shrouding his shoulders, neither the enormous executioner’s axe, the string of severed heads tied to the goliath’s belt nor his unusually short height – a mere seven feet – are among this savage’s most notable features.”

Male Goliath Barbarian 27 / Calm Fury / Fury of the Wild


Race: Goliath
Age: 27
Height: 6’11"
Weight: 315 lbs
Hair: Bald
Eyes: White

An outcast of the Ta’de’zal’é goliath tribe, Chogaruk has dwelt for many years in total exile, only coming to join The Nameless Company very recently. Little is truly known about his past, beyond that his signature weapon, Kicheska’to was gifted to him by his father, though under a different name. The goliaths of the Ra’kee’zo’é tribe, however, view Chogaruk as a savior, a reincarnated hero from Irmina’s bloody past – the Wihindewuku, or “Breaker-of-Chains.”

The Company’s bluntest and most taciturn member, Chogaruk has little enough cause to speak, discovering himself quite incapable of telling a convincing falsehood. In battle, however, the barbarian’s mighty axe will not be silenced. Though exiled from his people, Chogaruk has much pride in his goliath heritage and takes great exception to anyone – particularly the Truarkhs – who would aim to steal the freedom or lives of any goliath.

Following The Nameless War, Chogaruk returned to Witcomanee, where he sought to defeat Tawessu in open combat, to rule of the Saltspray goliaths. Though he was victorious and Tawessu is no more, Chogaruk was not chosen by the nibwagaan – the Wise Minds – to ascend to the role of chieftain – until he hunted down and slew the Demonmaw, the very creature upon whom he named his war-axe. Now the chieftain of the Ta’de’zal’é, he was also married to Tureka, a maiden of the Colored-Coral to whom he was promised before the Nameless War began.

First Appearance: Episode 1 – The Sunset Ship
Last Appearance: Episode 121 – Belly of the Beast
Birthday: Sangor 15, 313 F.I.
Twitter: @Chogaruk
Played by Steven Molony

Current Items:
Kicheska’to, +3 vicious executioner’s axe (Weapon)
+3 rageblood hide armor (Armor)
+4 Pelt of the Owlbear King (Neck)
Helm of the Flamewarped (Head)
Belt of Heads (Waist)
Skull Bracers (Arms)
Boots of Adept Charging (Feet)
Grizzly Gauntlets (Hands)
Ring of Sworn Brotherhood (Ring 1)
Blessing of the Sleepless Dreamer (Primal Boon)
Grappler’s Dust (Alchemical)
Longthrow Ointment (Alchemical)

Current: 550,000 XP

Achievements Unlocked (23)

  • Don’t Touch the Ground: Leap over the river of lava.
  • The Once and Future King: Draw Illdrhew from Cindermaw’s shell.
  • Pole Dancer: Knock down a tent pole.
  • Amateur Hour (2): Use a skill untrained.
  • Good With Kids: Attempt to cheer up Baroness Awazo.
  • Duck and Cover: Attack from cover.
  • Quotable (3): “I don’t think we’ll be going back to Oxdung”, “My mind is not my own”, “I believe you and have no further questions.”
  • Intimidation Games (2): Best description of an Intimidate check.
  • Wallcrawler: Climb a tapestry in the knighting chamber.
  • Boarding Party: Board The Skeleton Crew
  • Friends Like These: Be targeted by an ally’s attack power.
  • I Want You To Hit Me (2): Provoke an opportunity attack.
  • Gone with the Wind: Spend your Second Wind.
  • Total Immersion: Describe a skill check without using the skill’s name.
  • Hang Ten: Surf on the dragon turtle’s shell.
  • Unconventional Strategist: Use a non-attack standard action (bull rush, grab, total defense) in combat.
  • NPC-17 (2): Have sex with an NPC.
  • Blind Man’s Bluff: First unprompted use of a Bluff check.
  • Happy Birthday: Celebrate a birthday.
  • Friendly Fire: Target an ally with an attack power.
  • Passive Perception: Notice the engagement rings.
  • The Harder They Fall: Push Calexzar off Challenge Rock.


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