Demon of the Abyss, Indebted to the Nameless Company


“A massive, loathsome shape, half-resembling a vulture and half-resembling a lobster, the demon vrock known as Dzerrothtius might be a mighty or formidable foe once freed, but chained within the magical ring that imprisons him, the foul, pathetic creature looks little more than an enormous caged parrot. Truly, a being of pure malevolence burns within him but the agony his mere presence upon the surface world brings him has more than cowed his considerable strength.”


A denizen of the Abyss, Dzerrothtius, loathe as he is loathe to be named, is a vrock, a species of middling demon that’re often found in the thrall of a more powerful demon lord, serving as a scout or an envoy. Summoned by Vencel of House Topaz’s powerful magic and bound to his service, the Loremaster attempted to glean information about the Nameless Empire from the demon, whose knowledge in such things was evidently limited.

In 339 F.I., The Nameless Company summoned the vrock to fulfill its favor to them, sending the creature into battle against its former master, Vencel. Dzerrothtius was ultimately slain in the conflict.

Race: Vrock (Demon)
Age: ?
Height: 8’11
Weight: 714 lbs
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Yellow

First Appearance: Episode 19 – Ships of Sea and Sky
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 109 – The Core of the Moon (death?)


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