Arcane Spirit, Soul of The Nightowl


“One moment, you’re simply looking an exquisitely carven owl statue, one of the dozens scattered across the entire ship. At your command, the owl carving suddenly springs to life. Its great eyes glow with magical light, the wood creaks and groans as it moves its head and, all around, the nearby statues come to light as well, gazing inquisitively at you. They blink and speak in unison, asking if you require assistance.”


Once the arcane familiar of a halfling wizard named Magus Openocean, Egnaro now resides within his greatest creation – The Nightowl, a mistico that blends halfling craftsmanship with eladrin wizardry. Egnaro is helpful, knowledgeable and somewhat proud, able to spout of a great deal of information about the ship’s location, proximity and current state of repair. He can moves about the ship with impunity and is keenly aware of all that happens aboard.

First Appearance: Episode 69 – The Maiden Voyage
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 83 – City of Cliffs


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