Txomin the Locust

Field General of the Haggard Host Mercenary Company


“Scarcely over three feet tall, boasting a scruff of barely civilized dust-colored locks and weathered battle lines not quite concealing the brown eyes of a remorseless killer, General Txomin, in his battered armor and tattered cloth, epitomizes the moniker of his personal army as much as is humanly possible. He carries his jeweled sword, his advanced age and the titanic chip on his shoulder with swagger, despite the drastic height difference between you.”


General Txomin the self-styled “Locust” leads the Eregia-based mercenary company known as The Haggard Host. A survivor and a pragmatist, the Imaldi-born gnome, over his many years, maintained a reputation of unscrupulousness and treachery legendary all along the coastal regions of both continents. His one weakness appears to be his young daughter, upon whom its said he takes a great pleasure in doting.

In 338 F.I., Txomin the Locust has brought the Host to Irmina to finally participate in the Raborox Rebellion, selling his services to Tojezen in order to confront his great rival, Prygor of Prygor’s Hand. In doing so, he managed to connive his way into claiming a partial Steward-Lordship of Bluffguard, pulling the title out from underneath his daughter.

Recent rumors speculate that, following a cunning maneuver by Prygor’s Hand, Txomin was lured into a trap, disobeying the orders of Tojezen and caught between three of Raborox’s mercenary armies. While Txomin managed to emerge victorious and Prygor’s Hand was shattered, the Host was devastated and suffered great losses. In anger, Tojezen exiled Txomin and his army to Nirem, a small island in southern Irmina.

Once freed from exile, Txomin and his Host entered negotiations to join The Nameless Company in their campaign to defeat Ptolomos in battle. Contingent on the clause that he can wield the Standard of Eternal Battle in battle, he agreed to serve with them in their desperate campaign.

On Zahal 12, 340 F.I., through some foul treachery of House Topaz, Txomin the Locust was slain at the enchanted hands of his unwilling lieutenant, Captain Mose. His last earthly act, however, was to pass the mantle of Host’s leadership to his only daughter.

Race: Gnome
Age: 185
Height: 3’6"
Weight: 64 lbs.
Hair: Sandy Blonde
Eyes: Brown

First Appearance: Episode 28 – Daddy Issues
Final Appearance: Episode 117 – War, Part V: On the Eve of Great Battle (death)

Txomin the Locust

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