Gnish Humanfriend

Owner, Founder and CEO of "Gnish Humanfriend's Mobile Mercantile and Wonder Emporium"


“Normally a vile, cowardly and pathetic people, this kobold, clad in soiled, oversized vestments originally tailored for a halfling merchant and waddling his jangly cart down the road, meets only two of those three qualifications. With his broken Common, skittish nature and enthusiastic salesmanship, two better descriptors for Gnish Humanfriend are perhaps ‘harmless’ and certainly ‘obnoxious.’”


A simple kobold merchant with many “magical” items to sell, Gnish the self-styled “Humanfriend” wanders the Eregian frontier, peddling his wares to anyone merciful enough to buy.

In Zahal, 338 F.I., he left the goblin-run Gorzibadd, leaving his sister Speelock behind, to pursue greener pastures, only to run headlong into an adventuring party, heading in the opposite direction. After befriending the adventuring party, Gnish, somewhat against his will, aided their infiltration of Gorzibadd, distracting the goblins at the front gate while the heroes slipped in around the back.

After reuniting with his sister, Gnish adopted the rescued shifter cub Mof as his apprentice and headed toward Belltower, with Speelock and Mirabell, the human former slave, in tow. According to recent rumor, however, the territory once known as Gorzibadd, know called Greater Koboldia, was recently been reconquered by a kobold warlord, known only as “the Humanfoe”.

Race: Kobold
Age: 33
Height: 3’6"
Weight: 62 lbs.
Hair: None
Eyes: Orange

First Appearance: Episode 2 – By Land or Sea
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 120 – For Old Time’s Sake

Gnish Humanfriend

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