Grandfather Raven

Blackwing, Eyethief, Doomfeather


“A member of a species purported to be the smartest and most advanced of all avians, this particular specimen does not necessarily embody the traits distinct to his kind. Shaggy, musty and scarred, this old raven is known to caw ornery phrases without provocation as well as harry another foolish enough to show the bird kindness until they favor it with more gifts and affection. For all this, its surprisingly human mate doesn’t seem to notice its many character flaws.”


The companion and professed spouse of Grandmother Crow, Grandfather Raven is purportedly the physical embodiment of Okokhena, a nature spirit native to the Rookwood in southern Irmina. According to Grandmother Crow, he whispers sage advise and good advise in her ear whenever she needs guidance and seeks to better the world for corvids everywhere. His nemesis appears to be Queen Rat, bearing almost as much animosity for the albino rodent as his human counterpart bears for King Rat.

In the Rookwood, Grandfather Raven is a voting member of the Conspiracy of Ravens. At present, he is currently slumming with Ahtakkoon at the Crimson Atoll, aiding in her attempts to cure scale rot.

Race: Raven
Age: 20?
Weight: 3.1 lbs
Wingspan: 51 inches
Feathers: Black
Eyes: Black

First Appearance: Episode 51 – An Urgent Summons
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 120 – For Old Time’s Sake

Grandfather Raven

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