Grandmother Crow

The Harbinger


“The two immediate impressions one gets from this withered crone are age and insanity. A knobby scarecrow of a human, skin the color and texture of ancient leather, she appears nothing more than a babbling vagrant. A tattered, stained and crinkled duster disguises her truly emaciated frame, save her bony hand, which clutches an inexpertly made walking stick. A caldera of gray-hair atop her head, matted with dirt and droppings, provides a nest for a crotchety black raven to perch. Her eyes are the only feature still vigorous about her – an unnatural, vibrant green.”

Female Human Druid 16 / Whirling Samara


Race: Human
Age: 78?
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Green

Laughably little is known about Grandmother Crow; her origins, her desires, her abilities. Hailing from the Rookwood is southern Irmina, she appears to be approximately 78 years old, but her precise age seems a matter of yet more mystery. She claims her companion – the ornery Grandfather Raven – to be her spouse and the embodiment of Okohkena, the Rookwood’s black-winged protector spirit. Her greatest nemesis, King Rat, considers her a menace, himself “married” to another primal entity, calling itself Queen Rat.

Despite her apparent and obvious insanity, Grandmother Crow is nothing if not a concerned, doting and nurturing companion. Familiar with each member of The Nameless Company, she’s eager to care for them, as well as protect them against King Rat’s recurring attacks, until such time as he’s defeated. Her many bizarre habits – her consumption of eyes, her insane prattling, her crow-based morality system – may never cease to alienate and befuddle the adventurers, however.

First Appearance: Episode 54 – Vermin
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 80 – Kingdom of Rats
Birthday: Durek 43, 261 F.I.?
Played by Hallie Clawson

Current Items:
+3 crowpine staff (Implement)
+2 hunting beast hide (Armor)
+3 shroud of ravens (Neck Slot)
Ring of Sworn Brotherhood (Ring 1)
Ebony Crow (Wondrous Item)

Achievements Unlocked (5):

  • Friendly Fire (2): Target an ally with an attack power.
  • Omnivore: Willingly eat carrion.
  • Badgering the Witness: Attempt to calm down the bookguard badger.
  • Gone With the Wind: Spend your Second Wind.

Grandmother Crow

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