Hamessu Betrest

Regent of Rose, Archlich


“To see this eladrin in his true form is a sight most horrifying. Dressed in tattered eladrin finery, all that remains upon his withered frame is occasional snatches of rotted skin, most of the bleached skull exposed. Arcane magic crackles and pools about the lich’s skeletal hands and to stand even within the presence of this blighted creature chills the skin and freezes the blood.”


Little is known about the exact origin of Hamessu Betrest, the reigning Regent of Rose. As, for countless generations, each eladrin regent named their child and heir after themselves, the ruler of the Hamessu Regency as always been named Hamessu Betrest.

It is commonly believed, however, that the current Betrest came into power a short time before the moon crashed. In the wake of the disaster, Tepemkau Nebet quickly rose to unofficially rule the entire moon, with the three Regents as his underlings. Betrest, it is believed, has always resented this arrangement and fought the Regent of Holly in small ways, whenever he could.

When the Arkhosian Kingdom rose against Imald in 340 F.I., Hamessu Betrest fell into association with House Topaz and the Truarkh Movement. Working together with Metarkh Ptolomos and Craftmistress Ûbolya, Hamessu Betrest would see Tepemkau Nebet thrown from his seat of power and assume rulership over Imald.

First Appearance: Episode 118 – War, Part VI: Duel of Dragons
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 119 – War, Part VII: Victory or Defeat

Hamessu Betrest

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