Kajetan of House Jasper

Seventeenth Headmaster of the Belltower Collegium, Department Head of Anthropology, Archaeology and Arkhosian Studies


“A weathered and stooped dwarf, nearly three centuries in age, boasting a robust and obviously ancient white beard, Professor Kajetan, clearly a cantankerous old academic of the highest order, looks like precisely the sort of creature one might expect to be the world’s foremost authority on the Nameless Empire. Adorned all in the flowing robes and tassels of dwarven nobility, the brilliant red color clearly indicates his lifelong loyalty to House Jasper.”


Narrowly voted into a coveted position by his peers, Headmaster Kajetan inherited the Belltower Collegium at a slow point in the university’s history and is eager not only to prove his worth as the head of the school’s many departments, but also in the furthering of his life’s work; uncovering the mysteries of the Maz Immura ruin, lying some distance to the north.

In 101 F.I., he, along with a band of intrepid adventurers, uncovered an ancient artifact, dating back to the time of the Nameless Empire. The world’s foremost expert on the mysteries of the Nameless Time, Kajetan devoted his life to uncovering the device’s secrets. Later that same year, he survived an assassination attempt by House Topaz, who sought to claim the ancient device for their own purposes.

Despite his rivals’ attempts to displace him, Kajetan continued his study and teachings at the Collegium for over two centuries, stepping down after six terms as Headmaster in 113 F.I. and gradually became individual head of three separate but interconnected departments – Anthropology, Archaeology and Arkhosian Studies. In 338 F.I., a mysterious band of dusk elves finally succeeded in what had stumped House Topaz for centuries and absconded with his priceless gear. To this end, he hired a band of his own – five intrepid adventurers – to chase down and recover his stolen artifact.

His estranged brother, Vencel, Loremaster of House Topaz, married Ûbolya, Craftmistress of House Topaz late in life, evidently as a slight to Kajetan. There’s been nothing but bad blood between them ever since.

After a year-long bout with dementia, Kajetan’s three-century journey finally ended when, upon venturing alone into Maz Immura, he discovered a portal to the Library of Lore, Gad’s astral domain. Once there, he elected to stay forever and immerse himself in the collected lore of all ages.

Race: Dwarf
Age: 311
Height: 4’4"
Weight: 193 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green

First Appearance: Prologue One – Maz Immura
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 119 – War, Part VII: Victory or Defeat

Kajetan of House Jasper

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