King Rat

Deranged Druid, Master of Rats


“A scruffy beggar in tattered robes, to look at this wretch, one would see nothing but a babbling degenerate. His beard is matted with dirt and animal droppings, his clothing carries garbage, fetid smells and copious gnaw marks and he leans upon a crooked wooden prop, more twisted and stooped than his own back. To make matters worse, he mutters inane nothings, seemingly to himself, but in truth to the enormous white rat that perches, hissing with yellowed teeth, on his shoulder.”


Practically nothing is known of King Rat’s origin. He considers The Nameless Company (and chiefly Chogaruk among them) to be rat-killers and murderers. He considers Grandmother Crow to be his greatest foil and nemesis. He considers the white rat that accompanies him his lady-wife and queen. King Rat captains a vessel, The Skeleton Crew, crewed entirely by rats, that wanders the three seas of Qairn, causing trouble and pestering the good people everywhere.

He has sworn vengeance on the Company, Chogaruk in particular, for slaying Trapsnapper – whom he claims was Queen Rat’s favored son.

When The Nameless Company came to Prerros, they encountered King Rat at the height of his power in the True City beneath the streets. In pitched combat, both he and his wife – Queen Rat – were slain and their legions overran the entire city of Prerros.

Race: Human
Age: 79?
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

First Appearance: Episode 54 – Vermin
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 80 – Kingdom of Rats (death)

King Rat

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