Lady Magus Tormála

Eladrin Refugee, Wizarding Master and Former Mayor of Kirish Dahn


“For a woman nearing her eightieth year, Lady Magus Tormála looks anything but her age. The blonde eladrin woman standing before you impossibly remains a teenager, with a girlish face and tiny, delicate features. Despite her juvenile appearance, however, an unending wisdom burns behind her blue eyes, the knowledge of both arcane secrets and the enduring prejudice of against her people lending her almost a grandmotherly aspect.”


Leading a convoy of her beleaguered people out of Colcambria to escape anti-eladrin sentiments, Lady Magus Tormála was, quite against her will, elected mayor of the burgeoning refugee town of Kirish Dahn. An accomplished wizard in her own right, she hastily raised a tower at the city’s center and made alliances with the nearby Belltower Collegium, specifically Headmaster Kajetan, hoping to defend her small populace from the many dangers of Eregia’s untamed frontier.

In 302 F.I., when goblins of the Weepingeye Tribe finally overran and conquered her town, the Lady Magus purportedly sealed herself inside her spiral tower at the town’s center and hasn’t been seen by any sentient being since. The eladrin refugees fleeing the goblins’ wrath whispered that she’s still alive, cloistered, like a fairy tale princess, in her tower.

In 338 F.I., a party of adventurers entered her heavily warded tower, in an attempt to curry her favor against the current goblin establishment. To their horror, the adventurers discover that, in an attempt to rid the invaders from her village, the Lady Magus had attempted a spell far beyond her power and inadvertently transformed herself into a green arcanian. For thirty years, she remained trapped in her ivory prison, vainly attempting to reverse the original spell that’d transformed her.

The five adventurers, when given the first opportunity, put the now-insane Tormála out of her misery.

Race: Eladrin
Age: 316
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 133 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

First Appearance: Prologue Two – Over the Ironshod Hills
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 4 – The Spire of Kirish Dahn (death)

Lady Magus Tormála

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