Dondo Whitewave (Leviathan)


“It cuts an intimidating figure, this rusted and barnacled construct standing tall before you. Well over six feet tall, weighing close on twenty stone, this warforged specimen is appareled for war, with enchanted armor plating, sturdy shield and trident glowing with intense divine light. What surprises you most, then, is when a childish giggle emerges from its expressionless face and you realize, as the construct capers nosily about, that the soul of a small child, in fact, resides somewhere inside that imposing frame of rusted metal and waterlogged wood.”

Male Warforged Paladin 27 / Warforged Juggernaut


Race: Warforged
Age: 8
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 300 lbs
Hair: None
Eyes: Red

After a terrible accident that killed his father and the entire crew of the vessel they were aboard, the soul of halfling boy Dondo Whitewave was imbued into the body of a warforged by Oslé, the Bounteous Typhoon. Given a divine errand – to venture into the Ozepolhan and slay Aboleth of the Three Eyes – Levi accompanied The Nameless Company on their own Underdark errand and eventually completed his goal for his mysterious “Mother,” whereupon he received both his memories and the opportunity to return to his original body.

In every aspect but physical, Levi is a typical seven-year-old child. Inquisitive, curious and occasionally frightened, he has little understanding of consequences or repercussions and very much enjoys flaunting his newfound strength and invulnerability. Like many young children, Levi is terribly afraid of the dark and is very glad of Vaca’s company, as they venture into this warren of eternal shadow.

Following his defeat of Vencel on Palune, Leviathan retired to the Abbey of All Monsters, where he was tended to by the Sunken Sisters. To save the life of Trok, the young shifter child killed by Calexzar, Leviathan forsook his warforged body and returned to his original form – that of young halfling boy Dondo Whitewave. When The Nameless Company came to recruit him to help in the slaying of the Demonmaw, Dondo agreed, not understanding it would sever his ties to his divine Mother. In the belly of the beast, he was ultimately slain, asking for pardon for his sinning companions.

First Appearance: Interlude – City of the Crevasse
Final Appearance: Episode 121 – Belly of the Beast (death)
Birthday: ?
Played by Dan Glaser

Current Items:
+4 magic trident (Weapon)
+4 magic full plate armor (Armor)
+4 magic amulet (Neck Slot)

Current: 550,000 XP

Achievements Unlocked (10):

  • I Want You To Hit Me (2): Provoke an opportunity attack.
  • Friends Like These: Be targeted by an ally’s attack power.
  • Graphic Violence (2): Describe an attack roll unprompted.
  • Breakthrough: Break through the dwarven phalanx.
  • Polyglot: Use in-world language in conversation.
  • Diplomatic Immunity: First unprompted use of Diplomacy.
  • Amateur Hour: First unprompted use of an untrained skill.
  • Gone With The Wind: Spend your Second Wind.

Dondo Whitewave (Leviathan)

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