Lusty Lanakhiz

Professional Delver, Gravelly Voice


“Dressed in studded leather armor and wielding a battle-tested longsword in either hand, this dragonborn specimen has clearly seen some action. The scar that twists his lip menacingly evinces that plain enough. To judge from his somewhat portly comportment, however, and especially the way his beady eyes wander over the figures of the passing women, he’s clearly interested in more than simple battle. Whatever the case, this trailblazer is certainly not one to be ignored, whether on duty or on leave.”


An accomplished delver, Lusty Lanakhiz has established quite the reputation for sniffing out and besting derro in battle. Leading many expeditions from Tunneltown in Myto’s Crevasse, Lanakhiz is well-acquainted with the tunnels and terminals that encircle his preferred base camp. What’s more, he’s especially well acquainted with all the whores and camp followers that frequent the impromptu community and is known nearly as much for his lecherous behaviors as for his battle prowess.

As the quest drags on, a sullen depression seems to have fallen over Lanakhiz, making each action they take seem, to his eyes, all the more pointless. Once House Amethyst established their new camp, Lanakhiz elected to stay behind, having lost his will to fight.

Race: Dragonborn
Age: 33
Height: 6’6"
Weight: 300 lbs
Scales: Russet
Eyes: Yellow

First Appearance: Interlude – City of the Crevasse
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 120 – For Old Time’s Sake

Lusty Lanakhiz

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