Penitent Dragon, Polymorphed Into A Whale


“This massive creature superficially resembles a whale but no common whale has ever looked quite like this. Upon its head, it bears a great helmet of burnished silver steel that the ocean’s lapping attentions cannot seem to rust. Its skin ripples with swirling star-patterns, the byproduct of a quite magical transformation. Its eye glows with inner draconic light, suggesting an origin far greater, wiser and more powerful than even a leviathan of the sea.”


In 701 A.E., the bronze dragon Lyvythar committed an unspecified terrible crime, all details now lost to history. So ashamed was the the dragon that he sought a means to pay penance to Oslé, the deity he worshiped, and chose to allow the priesthood of the Bounteous Typhoon to transform him into a great sperm whale, that he might aid the faithful as a creature of good, rather than of evil.

In the intervening time, Lyvythar was travelled the world’s oceans, doing good where he can and righting wrongs done to followers of Oslé. He’s become associated, in recent years, with the Abbey of All Monsters and works closely with the Sunken Sistren therein.

Race: Bronze Dragon
Age: 978
Length: 55’1
Weight: 92,000 lbs (42 tons)
Skin: Gray
Eyes: Pink

First Appearance: Episode 107 – Storming the Portico


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