Ûma of House Cinnabar

Professional Delver, Underdark Academic


“There’s something anxious in the behavior and appearance of this dwarven woman. No doubt of noble birth and means, to tell by her richly textured cloth robes and her elaborate hair style, she nonetheless displays the nervous energy typically attributed to the commoner class, tapping her fingers anxiously, staring off into space and even manifesting as a speech impediment that mangles her words. When attired in her full battle regalia, she looks somewhat more intimidating, but it’s clear that an academic, rather than a warrior, resides beneath all that steel.”


Trained at the Belltower Collegium, Ûma of House Cinnabar is an expert on ancient, pre-exodus dwarven history. For much of her adult life, since graduating from university, she’s worked as a guide for delver teams, wishing to head into the Kazalhan and excavate either historical artifacts or, occasionally, valuables. All these expeditions, however, have taken a dramatic toll on Ûma’s disposition, making her something of a nervous wreck.

As the delve wears on, a strange obsession with cleanliness seems to have stricken Ûma and she spends much of her time needlessly washing her hands. While Lusty Lanakhiz stayed behind at the House Amethyst camp, Ûma has elected to continue forth, eager to see the quest of Jëbebror through to its conclusion.

This failed to come to fruition, however, when, in the ruin of Adok Dycûn, Ûma was made captive of the city’s kuo-toa and transformed into a gibbering mouther.

Race: Dwarf
Age: 110
Height: 4’9"
Weight: 220 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

First Appearance: Interlude – City of the Crevasse
Last Appearance: Episode 104 – Underdark, Part V: Strange Aeons (death)

Ûma of House Cinnabar

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