The Green Man, He For Whom The Forest Parts


“Few have ever laid eyes upon him. Those who have describe a massive, spectral figure, perhaps one hundred feet tall and as transparent as a mist. They describe a great ghostly man, glowing a vibrant green, who stalks across the land on his long, powerful shanks. They describe his hair, features and clothing as like foliage, complete with vines, acorns and bark. They say he never speaks but can be hear to sing most nights, an eerie lullaby that none know the words too.”


Many rumors abound about Obad-Hai. Some say he is the oldest of the Seelie Court. Some say he is Imald’s greiving father. Some say it is his neglect that keeps the Feywild growing in all directions like a plague. Some say he awoke the treefolk, taught them to speak, taught them to sing. Few know any concrete answers, even those – like Thistle – who have sworn allegiance to him. He can be found walking every night over the Feywild, singing his song and pondering whatever an entity of his age and power can be thought of to comtemplate.

First Appearance: Episode 70 – All Horns and Thorns


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