Queen Mexa

By the Might of Arkos, Queen of Arkhosia, High Arkhon of Five Capitals, Steward of Her Draconic Seat Until Again Her Heir Shall Hatch


“With a wolfish countenance and a slim figure, this young woman is the very picture of dragonborn youth and vitality. Her cloth is stylish, elegant, obviously meant to inspire and be recognized at distance. Her signature cloth – her great flowing red cape, seems almost too impractical to wear, but never appears to trip her up or become snagged. Ambition is burning in her eyes – behind a heavy layer of anger.”


The only child of King Mycrete VI of Arkhosia, Princess Mexa as always been headstrong and independent. Named the Arth of the Commons at the extremely young age of 25, she’s been an inspiring leader to the Arkhosian people ever since. She’s very idealistic, outspoken and progressive, wishing to move her nation ahead of its dark and bloody past. She’s openly idolized her’s father namesake, King Mycrete I, the first dragonborn to wear merely a royal crown as opposed to an Imperial one, the king who abolished slavery.

As an outspoken enemy of Metarkh Ptolomos, she was eventually revealed to have strong connections to the Angaryo, the anti- Truarkh resistance within Arkhosia. In 339 F.I., she was sentenced to death and burnt alive over the gates of Sozinex, for all to see. Through some unknown means, she was resurrected and currently leads the Angaryo is secret.

With the death of her father in battle above Iar Adri in Sangor 339 F.I., the Kyra Drathox crowned Mexa as Arkhosia’s next monarch, the 13th Queen of Arkhosia. Xandromox, returned from his lair, became her Sworn Wyrm, and she publicly decried Ptolomos as a traitor.

Race: Dragonborn
Age: 32
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 260 lbs
Scale Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown

First Appearance: Episode 67 – The True Flame
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 119 – War, Part VII: Victory or Defeat

Queen Mexa

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