Prygor Xobanthe

Field General of Prygor's Hand Mercenary Army


“A scarred and scaly specimen, this dragonborn is doubtless the veteran of countless battles and skirmishes. His armor is ratty, worn and rusted and, across his back, he wears a swatch of orange threads that might once have been a flowing cape. To one hand, he clutches a great broad shield, emblazoned with the symbol of Arkos. To the other hand, he wears a copper gauntlet that, upon some activation, summons a sparking lightning bolt to his fist. Hatred and fire, however, crackle in his eyes upon seeing you – a deranged, hopeless hatred.”


The son of Honoth Xobanthe, legendary Field General of The Haggard Host, Prygor spent his entire life assuming he’d one day assume command of the mercenary army. When he passed up in favor of his father’s aide-de-camp, the wily Txomin the Locust, Prygor was furious and fled his father’s service. Before long, he’d gained control of another mercenary army in a Pentakhar duel, renamed Prygor’s Hand, and sought to oppose Txomin’s Host wherever he could.

In 333 F.I., when the city of Raborox was seeking mercenary armies to fight on its behalf, Prygor answered the call. This eventually brought the two armies into opposition once again as, in 338 F.I., The Haggard Host was summoned to fight for the Empire of Tojezen. Baiting Txomin into a trap, Prygor paid to place a bounty on the head of Zanna, the Locust’s only daughter. In the ensuing battle, the Haggard Host’s numbers were devastated, but Prygor’s Hand was all but destroyed. Prygor’s body was never found on the battlefield that day.

In 339 F.I., the dragonborn general resurfaced, having taken the fortress of Bluffguard away from the Haggard Host garrison sent to occupy the fortress. He was slain by Zanna, when her javelin throw tossed his body over the parapet and he fell to the cliff floor below.

Race: Dragonborn
Age: 62
Height: 6’6"
Weight: 270 lbs.
Scale: Sandy Brown
Eyes: Red

First Appearance: Episode 52 – Lord of Bluffguard
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 53 – Pledge of Allegiance (death)

Prygor Xobanthe

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