Gold Dragon Wyrmling


“The size of a hunting hound, completely blind and covered head-to-claw in resplendent, glowing golden scales, this baby gold wyrmling is, despite its infant status, simply a marvel to gaze upon. It regularly cries for its mother, flexes its undeveloped wings experimentally and hisses small gouts of flame into the air. When presented with food, it’s a ravenous eater, consuming food again and again much larger than its body size. When presented before its kindred dragons, they instinctively show obeisance to their uncommon brethren.”


Born to Tojezen, Dracoempress of Her Selfsame Empire and sired from Calexzar the Vitriolic, Qormoxen, or “Tiny Treasure”, knows precious little of the traumatic life its egg led. Shortly after they were laid, the eggs of Qormoxen and his five siblings were snatched by thieves of the Belliwyr clan, an act of war during the Raborox Rebellion. While The Nameless Company happened to recover the five blue eggs by accident, Qormoxen’s egg eluded them.

After being carted to Raborox to sell to a rebel leader, Cindermaw, a massive firebreathing bulette, swallowed the egg by chance and fled to its home beneath Mound Anwen. Here, The Nameless Company tracked the creature down, slew it and recovered the egg. Before returning Qormoxen to his mother, they bore witness to its hatching, a spectacle not seen on Qairn in a thousand and more years.

At present, Qormoxen is safe with his mother and his siblings in Xanthara. His revelation ceremony is scheduled for sometime in the following year, at Tojezen’s Imperial Palace in Phalma.

Race: Gold Dragon
Age: Newborn
Length: 4’0"
Weight: 65 lbs
Scales: Gold
Eyes: Unknown

First Appearance: Episode 58 – Greengrass, Part IV: A Tiny Treasure
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 101 – Wyrm-Apparent of the Ruby Crown


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