Chieftain of the Ta'de'zal'é Goliath Tribe


“Standing nearly eight feet tall, this imposing, muscle-bound tower of a goliath is the absolute essence of barbaric strength and splendor. He bears the scars of countless battles, most the absence of any left arm below the elbow, but he carries himself with all the regal majesty and promised threat of a hunting cat. Over his shoulders is draped a mantle of black scales, upon his head a crown of blackened dragon’s bone, marking him a high chieftain of great esteem.”


Born on Witcomanee, home island of the Ta’de’zal’é, Tawessu had a blessed childhood – tall enough to join the raiding parties when he was only seven, favored by the spirits, well-placed to become a great war leader, possibly even Chieftain someday. During his youth, he was closest companions with Baldev, another promising goliath lad, and together they tormented a weaker goliath they called Ikéruk, meaning “False Pride.”

As an adult, Baldev and Tawessu were ultimately oarmates, serving aboard raiding ships together. In 337 F.I., Baldev encountered the apostate Chogaruk and was, consequently, slain by him. Tawessu, poised to become next Chieftain of the Ta’de’zal’é was enraged and outlawed him, naming Chogaruk maske and unworthy of honor. They’ve since formed a temporary alliance, to better deal with the threat of True Arkhosia, but the great goliath chieftain bears nothing but simmering hatred for his childhood rival.

Race: Goliath
Age: 26
Height: 7’10"
Weight: 450 lbs
Hair: Bald
Eyes: White

First Appearance: Episode 110 – False Pride
Most Recent Appearance: Episode 119 – War, Part VII: Victory or Defeat


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